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Sustainable Building Material (SIP)



Structurally insulated panels. These panels are fabricated in standard dimensions allowing any standard house design to be supplied and erected using “stock “panels. These panels range from 200mm wide, to the largest panel 1100mm wide. This allows ease of transportation, storage, and safe handling on site. All the wall panels are 2400 mm tall and 200mm thick.




Panels are faced with 12mm Magnesium oxide board (MgO) band a metal profiled perimeter to enable the panel -to panel connections. All elements are fixed together with 2 splines, foam adhesive and a bead of nullifire, with temporary screw connections to hold splines in place during the curing process. The panels are filled with 176mm blown PU foam insulation that bonds the entire panel together, giving it its high structural strength, airtightness, low U-value 0.14 w/sqm.




The splines measure 12 mm measure 12mm by 95mm and made of MgO , These elements are critical in panel connections. They are glued using the Apollo foam adhesive into the female tracks in the panels. They are used in the vertical panel connections plus the horizontal and vertical connections and panel lintel connection. Illustrates 2 spines in position ready for the next panel to be fitted with the foam adhesive and nullifier in place.

All splines are supplied pre -cut for specific locations. These include window and door openings and panel – to – panel connections, and short lengths required for lintel to panel connections.




clean and faster construction, flexible architectural layouts, lower logistic needs and manpower requirements. It results in high performance buildings, built in record time, with minimal maintenance through its use.


Lower carbon footprint building materials, achieving faster build times, lesser operational costs (energy saving), remarkable levels of comfort (temperature and sound) and high fire rated resistance

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